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Our SEO for Construction Company is one of the best ways for your business to succeed in . . .

  • Building your solid brand in the construction space
  • Generate profitable leads for your construction business
  • Make relevant client connections that translate to sales

Plain and simple, our contractor SEO services increase local market awareness of your construction business and make it possible for your website and webpages to rank high on Google search.  This gives your prospects looking for construction services just like yours to find your business and connect with you.

Not only that, ranking high on Google search drives more targeted traffic to your website. This means that every visitor that comes to your site is a qualified lead and is highly likely to become your customer.

Our SEO for Contractors program is designed to save you time and money with proven optimization techniques to deliver the results that you need.

If your construction company is looking to earn more leads and revenue, Then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from Online Sprints will help. Do you want to be ranked the top contractor SEO for people who want them? Then SEO will get you there!

On this page, we are going to survey some of the top benefits of local SEO for construction companies and also we provide 5 contractor SEO tips you can implement today. This will open your eyes to why local SEO for contractors and also for companies is a must.






SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This refers to a set number of strategies that help your website rank higher in search results for keywords and phrases related to your business.

In simple terms, SEO works by exhibiting to search engines that your content is the best result for the topic searched. This is mainly because all search engines have the same purpose; to show the most applicable and relevant results to the user. How you do this also depends on the search engine you are optimizing. Organic traffic is catered for by google algorithm while videos are catered for by Youtube algorithm

Including keywords on strategic places in your website like title tags, page heading and site content is a good way of improving your ranking in the search engine. Also, you can publish custom content that addresses topics that interest your potential customers on your website. It is also advisable for you to streamline your site’s navigation, simplify the process of acquiring the information your site visitors require and contact you.

These and more things will boost your ranking in search engine results and make it easier for people to learn and find out more about your construction company.

Top 6 benefits you can get with contractor SEO from Online Sprints

Let’s explore the top six benefits one can get when using contractor SEO.

Rank highly with local SEO for contractors

One of the topmost benefits of SEO is that it boosts your ranking in search engine results for phrases and keywords related to your construction company. Websites that get the first page get the most visibility and attention. This is extremely important as most visible sites have a high probability of getting new clients.

It is extremely important to rank in the top three spots on the first page because these sites receive more than 50% of the total clicks! These sites also appear more credible and informative when they appear on the top three spots.

If you are looking for ways to boost your ranking and help position your construction company at the front in your discipline, then opt for Local SEO for contractors.

Increase awareness with SEO for construction company

When your website is at the top in search results, more people will find your company, learn about your offers and also contact you hence becoming your clients.

Also if people like your services, the chances of them referring their friends and family members to your business are high. This type of advertisement is very beneficial to your business since people tend to gravitate to recommendations from people they know over brand advertisements. A fact states that 80% of Americans seek recommendations when making purchases. For you to increase your popularity, it’s advisable you use SEO for construction company

Competitive advantages

In the past, big construction plants outperformed small and growing companies. This was mainly because; the traditional marketing strategies were costly and inaccessible to small players. The implementation of SEO was a game-changer as it made businesses equally competitive regardless of their financial status or the number of employees.

SEO is an advertising tactic that construction companies notwithstanding their size employ. Also developing a contractor’s SEO is important because it gives your website more credibility. You can come up with your SEO strategy and stay in the competition of getting more clients.

Establish dominance with contractor SEO

The strategy SEO uses adds value to your site; upgrading the content of your sites such as imagery, blogs, infographics, and videos helps set up your site as a trusted source. Also by sharing useful and informative content such as construction tips and articles, users consider your website a dependable source of information and reliable to provide perfect contracting job.

Also optimizing every blog by adding external links and internal ones and using call-to-action (CTA) improves your content. If you want to establish dominance on all search engines, then contractor SEO is the correct option.

Extremely high translation rates

Construction SEO attracts quality keywords. A user searching for a mansion architect will probably avail for your services because he wants to get the job done. This result in a higher translation rate compared to other marketing schemes. This means that a higher translation rate is cost-friendly. If you are trying to save cost and also attract a lot of traffic to your website, SEO for construction companies is the ultimate answer

Quality traffic

SEO ensures that the traffic to your website is more qualified and is people likely to become your clients. Since SEO reaches people who are already searching for your service online, it widens your scope of getting more clients since the visitors who click on your website are more likely to convert and become your customers. This aids you to save money that could have been used to try reaching for people who don’t need your services.

If you plan to attract more clients to your website, boost sales or earn more revenue, SEO is the right answer.


Now that we know what SEO is and what are the benefits of using it, let us learn how to use SEO for contractors. There are a few things one needs to do to achieve this.

There are 2 areas of SEO

  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO


  1. Create your keyword list

One of the key things you should do is create a list of all keywords that relate to the services you offer. This you can create even without using any paid SEO creation tools. Also, your keywords should answer some basic questions like:

  • Is your company a design and building company or just a construction company
  • Are your clients commercial, residential, or both?
  • What service do you focus on mostly?

These questions will guide you create a relevant keyword list that will be most describing your company. Once the list is complete, you can use the SEO tools and build on the list while still finding the search volumes.

  1. Unique content creation

Once your list and search volumes relating to your company are complete, you then create new pages for your site.

Every service you provide should have a page. This makes it easier for clients to navigate your website easily. You need to create unique content to add to these pages that explain your progress. Beware! Copying content from other web pages can land you in problems. Be original. Google displays unique pages and ranks them at the top, and that’s where you want to be.

  1. Field bases optimization

After creating the pages and adding the content, you need to optimize those pages so that Google can find them. This is where the Tittle tags and page heading kick in. You can optimize these elements to help make google interpret them.

The title tag is the most important. You need to make sure it is informative and it has a connection or it describes your services and the location.

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