If you’re in the construction industry, marketing could be the furthest thing on your mind. Unless perhaps, you’re having a really tough time getting customers, that’s the only time you’d think of marketing. Still, marketing is just beyond the scope of a construction expert. But this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or that it’s unnecessary. That’s why in this post, we’re going to give you 9 tips in marketing for construction companies that are sure to bring results.





1. Make Sure Your Website Is Listed On Local Directories

Local Directories


This seems like a no-brainer. It looks like something that isn’t even worth mentioning in a marketing construction companies article. But despite its simplicity, it is something that many people tend to overlook. 

It’s completely understandable. Here’s why. 

When someone creates an online presence, let’s say a website, a social media page, or even a Google Business account, they are more focused on the content they push. 

They want to be able to attract people through carefully curated content. 

But that’ll serve no purpose if people don’t even know how to contact you.

Remember that the first time you get an online presence, the goal isn’t to get praise or acknowledgment from people. That doesn’t mean anything at all. The ultimate goal is to attract onlookers and then convert them into customers. 

For that to happen, you need to tell people how to contact you. 

As a construction company, most prospects would probably want to speak with you through phone calls. 

In that case, your mobile or telephone number is something that you should prioritize when setting up your online property, be it a website, social media page, or something else. 

You also need to make sure that the phone number is regularly updated. 

Remember that how good your marketing is won’t be worth much if people cannot contact you to avail of your services.



2. Go for Local Service Ads





local ads 1





Well, to tell you the truth, there is completely nothing wrong with Google search ads or whatnot. This is a pretty effective way to market yourself if you were in another industry.

But that’s just the point. It only works if you are in a different industry. If you want to advertise on Google Search, you should be in industries that offer online services. It would certainly be a good marketing strategy for digital marketing agencies out there.

But since you don’t belong in that market, and instead, you belong in the construction industry, it will do you very little good.

For one thing, as a construction company, you’d want local people to take interest in your services.

If you are a construction company in the US, what good would it do for you if people in Africa knew that you exist?
Of course, Google Search helps you build credibility and authority as far as the Google search engine goes.

But if this was your goal then we recommend that you push for organic search instead.

In the case of ads, local ads would be the best option.

Want to know why?

The best marketing for construction companies would be to target people that are nearby.

For instance, if someone searches for “construction companies near X”, you would want your ad to appear on the list.

Right there and then, you would be able to get customers who have an active intent to avail of your services.





3. Your Website Should Be Helpful


website design  

Don’t ever think that getting a website is optional.

Sure, no one is going to force you to buy a website and domain. But it’s for your good to have one.

Without a website, you won’t be able to rank on Google which means that there will be very few people whom you can attract into your domain.

You can create an online presence through social media channels but your growth potential will be pretty limited if you are going to use a subdomain.

The best thing to do as marketing for construction companies is to have your domain and website.

This shows people that you are a legit and credible business. With that, they would be more willing to trust you and engage with your business.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that your website is helpful to your customers.

Some people just create a website and then that’s it.

When you create a website, you have to make sure that people will be able to easily navigate it. Otherwise, it won’t take a few seconds for visitors to get tired of your website and then decide to go to someplace else.

Make sure that it has a good web design. You also need to make sure that the content is easy to understand. If people aren’t attracted to either your copy or your blogs then you can just say goodbye to the idea of converting visitors into customers. There’s just no way you will succeed.





4. Get Specific With Audience Marketing





facebook ads for construction company 1



When marketing construction companies, you need to be super-specific. If you target a broad audience, you will most likely not get anywhere.

Think of it like this. If you were to try and aim an arrow in multiple directions, do you think it will ever hit the mark? Of course not. The same goes for marketing construction companies.

Let’s say that you went into Facebook to try and spread the word about your business in groups. This is a good idea but you have to be strategic about your marketing. Otherwise, it won’t work.

With that, you need to create a buyer persona. A buyer persona is simply a representation of your ideal buyer.

This is the kind of buyer that you want to attract. You could have multiple buyer personas but if this is your first time marketing construction companies, 3 buyer personas would be a good place to start.

With a buyer persona, you will have something to look at when marketing construction companies. You will know which groups you want to try and sell to.

When you market your brand to this kind of audience, you will have a higher chance of getting a good sale out of your efforts.

These buyer personas are most useful the moment you start running Facebook ads. Take note that ads that go through broad audiences won’t be profitable compared to ads that go to specific audiences.



5. Communicate With Past Customers





communicate to customers 1





Getting new customers isn’t always an easy task. If you have been in this kind of business for a while now, you may have already realized that it’s not so easy trying to convince people that the services that you offer are worth the money.

But what we know for sure is that people are always willing to make another purchase with companies that they have previously transacted with.

So, if you had a customer in the past and then the same customer ever needed to have some construction done work done, he would most likely be more willing to purchase the service from your team instead of some other company.

With that, you must maintain good relationships with your customers most especially the previous ones. Not only that but you also need to make sure that your customers are, indeed, happy with what you offer them.

We know we said that old customers love to transact with companies that they have already worked with but this will only be true if they had a good experience with you.

If you brought more problems than solutions to the table, they would probably want to switch to a different company.

You can utilize Facebook to communicate with past customers. What you can do is to create a chatbot and then create a custom chat conversation for previous customers. You should do this at least one month or two months from the date of the transaction.

You can just ask your customer how the construction has been doing from the last time that the two of you transacted. Ask them if they were happy with your services and if they are still currently happy.

Perhaps you could also ask them to answer a feedback sheet with a voucher or discount when they accomplish it. That way, they will be inclined to come to you for a second time if they need another construction work done.

6. Create Video Content





video content 1



Do not ever underestimate the power of videos. When people look for services that they can avail themselves of your services, the first thing that they would do is to look for it in video form.

Some people would search on Google but a large percentage would rely on either YouTube and Facebook.

Go on and give it a try. On Facebook, you will see that on top of the search results, what dominates the feed the most are videos. Of course, on YouTube, it’s the same thing.

Given the popularity of these two platforms, you simply cannot risk not being visible in these video searches.

Besides, if someone needs construction work, they would probably be in a bit of a hurry. Hence, why they would prepare to get a short clip of what they can expect from you.



7. Talk About Your Employees





construction employee 1





In the construction business, the last thing you want is to show your customers that you are all about business. That is not the kind of impression you want to give to people.

People need companies that they can trust. And there are very few people who want to transact with companies that only care about money.

Take note that when you get into a business, you are not just selling services but you are also selling your values, what you stand for. If you don’t have those two things, people won’t like you.

People like to care about something. With that, they also appreciate companies that share the same beliefs as them.

Showing people that you care more than just about money is by featuring your employees. You could show things are run in your company.

In this way, you will be able to showcase your business culture. Of course, if you do this, you have to make sure that your culture is something that people will love.

If you succeed at making people fall in love with your business culture, we can guarantee that you have already succeeded in terms of marketing construction companies. The only thing left for you to do is to wait for all the sales to come in.





8. Manage Service Reviews





customer reviews 1 1



It is important to learn a thing or two about digital marketing. There are very few companies these days that can survive the competition without the aid of digital marketing.

But another thing that you ought to pay attention to is your reviews. No matter how good you are at digital marketing, it won’t be of any use if it is so obvious that people hate you.

Marketing is important but you have to take note that what you are offering is a service. Therefore, there is a need to satisfy people.

Planning a good marketing strategy isn’t a bad thing but ultimately, what you need to plan for is making sure that all of your customers are happy with your services.

Social proof is still far more powerful than any other type of digital marketing. Make sure that you are getting positive reviews. Try to change people’s minds if they ever give you a negative review.

And the best part is that you can also make your positive reviews a part of your overall digital marketing strategy. For instance, you could place some of your reviews in your ads. If people see what other people are saying about your company, they would be more inclined to connect and transact with you.



9. Focus on SEO

Marketing for construction company

SEO is basically Google’s way of determining which websites and pages are most relevant to a person’s Google search. 

The great thing about SEO is that it is fair. This is a fact that everyone including businesses and buyers knows. With that, you can expect that people do trust search engines. 

That being said, if you are able to make it to the top spot in search engines, people will start regarding you as a reliable website. 

So, if you are selling sunglasses and you were able to make it to the top page of Google search, customers will perceive your website as a place that is more worthy of purchase compared to other websites. 

If you are on the top spot of Google search, it means that your sunglasses of high quality and have lots of variety in terms of design. 

It is due to this SEO that people will perceive your website as having all the characteristics that they want to see in a sunglasses brand. 


Some people prefer to run ads. There is absolutely nothing wrong with ads but the thing about it is that it relies too much on your money. This means that as soon as the campaign is over, you will no longer appear on the first page of Google. 

What Would It Be Like Without SEO?

Now here is a question that is worth a hefty discussion. 

What would it be like for your website if there was no such thing as SEO?

Basically, it would be horrible not just for website owners but also for searchers. 

Take note that if there was no SEO to begin with then there would be no organized way for websites to be indexed. 

That means if a person searched for a keyword, you would see just about any website on the search results. It may not even be related to the term that the person searched for. It would be difficult for people to search for whatever it is they are looking for. 

At the same time, business owners who own a website would also have a pretty tough time. 

Think about it. 

If there was no SEO, if someone searched for sunglasses, the sunglasses websites won’t benefit from the search. No matter what they do, they will not appear on the first page of Google because the search results would be generated randomly and would not be based on relevancy. 

What this means is that if there was no SEO, there won’t be a point as to why people would need a website to begin with. 

People want a website because they want a bit of online presence but if there was no SEO to support the cause then all of it would be for nothing. 

That being said, owning a website without taking into consideration SEO implications can lead to wasted efforts. 

The purpose of owning a website is to gather leads that you can later on convert into sales and without SEO, you will lose track of this goal.

Is SEO Important For All Websites?

It most certainly is but it depends on degree. 

For instance, if you have already done SEO on your website in the past and then stopped, you probably wouldn’t have a tough time rekindling your efforts. 

Of course, you still need to have a plan on how you want to proceed with your SEO but for sure, ranking on the first page would be easy. 

It is quite different if you have a new website that has never been optimized for SEO before. If that is the case, you are really going to need the help of an expert to come up with a specific plan on how you are going to build your website’s SEO and credibility from the ground up. 

Take note that just because you optimized your page for SEO does not mean that it will automatically appear on the first page of Google.

You have to remember that you are competing with a whole lot of other construction websites that also want to appear on the first page of Google search results. 

That being said, you have to consider all aspects of SEO. You need to know your weak spots and find a way to be able to focus on that aspect in your SEO plan. That is something an agency or an SEO specialist can help you with. 

The process would not be a walk in the park. You will not achieve your goal overnight. But the end product is that you will have an online presence that is for the long term. It will last a long time and it will benefit your business for the long haul. It will help you attract high-quality leads that have a higher chance of being converted into customers.

On top of that, it is considered to be the most cost effective marketing technique. That is because you are optimizing your site as a way to target long-term online presence contrary to only running ads where you only benefit for as long as the campaigns are running. As soon as the campaigns are over, customers will n longer find you on the first page of Google. They may not even find you on the second page of Google. 

Can You Stop Doing SEO?

You can always stop but there is no assurance that you can maintain your spot on the first page of Google. 

Take note that there are many companies that are also vying for the spot. This means that once you stop optimizing your pages, other companies that are currently trying to climb the algorithm ladder could overtake you in the ranking. 

SEO is the kind of marketing strategy that pays the most dividends but it is a long-term project. This means that you have to constantly apply these strategies. 

If you do SEO now and then it works, you could stop and you could still enjoy the benefits for a few months but at some point, competitors will overtake you if you don’t get active again. 

Final Takeaway



Marketing for construction companies goes deep. We hope this article helped you scratch the surface and if you ever need an in-depth marketing analysis for your construction company, do not hesitate to send us a message.

marekting for construction companies

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