How often do you check our social media accounts in a day? As a business owner with a lot of things on his agenda, you probably still have time to check your Facebook or Instagram at least once a day. And if that’s the case, it’s safe to say that your potential clients have far more free time in their hands to spend on social media. It may be hard to believe but these days, people engage much more on social media than they do in real life. And that’s a good thing. As a business owner, this is something you can leverage. In this post, we are going to talk about tips for social media marketing for construction companies.

Brand Expansion

During the beginning phase of your construction business, the goal is to target prospects locally. But what happens when you have already achieved that goal? The next thing for you to do is to expand. Sooner or later, that is what any brand is geared towards.

You might be thinking. If you could offer good services to clients, you would most likely expand without effort. Clients would naturally spread good things about your construction brand and sooner or later, people would naturally come to you.

That could work. After all, word of mouth is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. But that can only take you so far. It might help you spread your brand across a specific location but if you want to expand your audience or if you want to cater to a global audience, social media marketing for construction companies is what you need.

The internet is the only place where you can connect your brand to people all around the world. And social media gives you a platform that you can use for free in doing so.

You could make use of social media marketing tactics such as Facebook ads and posting infographics to attract people to your brand. Afterward. You can slowly move them towards your sales funnel.

Keep Up With Industry Trends

industry trends

There is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional ways of marketing but it is sort of outdated already. People still do them but they don’t bring as many results as in the past.


These days, if you want to really market a product, you need to ride with new marketing trends. One of the biggest trends today is social media marketing for construction companies.


And within this trend, there are also a lot more other trends. As you delve into social media marketing for construction companies, you will be able to learn these trends and select the ones that will best suit your business objectives.


For instance, you could create Facebook groups and then do your best to provide value for whatever audience you have in that group.


The key is to continually add value until you have officially gained the trust of the people members of that group. When you have achieved that, you can start soft-selling some of your construction services. This way, it will be a lot easier for people to get convinced to purchase your service because they have already gotten some value from you in the past.


Another reason that makes Facebook groups such an effective trend is that it allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. If you continuously give value to people who are interested in your services, eventually, you will become a go-to person of theirs.

Keep Up With Competitors


Let’s get real.

One of the biggest reasons you would really want to get into social media marketing for construction companies is because you want to keep up with your competitors.

That is an understatement even. The whole reason you should be on social media is that you don’t just want to keep up with competitors but you also want to surpass them if you can.

If you take a look at some of the biggest construction companies, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that they are already using social media marketing.

That’s how they were able to attain such a wide audience.

Now, as a way to combat your competitors and take their spot, getting into social media marketing for construction companies becomes an absolute must.

Improve Customer Service

customer service improvement

Your customers are practically the most basic reason why anyone would want to get into social media marketing for construction companies.

Doing a good job at the construction site is not enough to keep a customer. You also have to show them good service through communication.

Customers love to get in touch with companies they transact with. It helps them answer any question they may have about the service that they have obtained.

Let me just tell you that if you are unable to respond to your customer’s queries, they aren’t going to like it. That’s for sure.

But how are you going to create a stable and reliable line of communication for you and your customers? The answer is simple. You can do it simply by being present on social media.

That way, customers can easily get in touch by sending you a messenger through your Facebook page, for example.

Tips For Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies

Social Media Marketing For Construction Companies

Now, let’s get to the good part. Let us talk about the simple things that you can do to drastically improve your social media marketing for construction companies.

1. Take Photos Of Your Projects

take photo of project

Think of social media marketing for construction companies as a way to show off your stuff. It can be pretty hard to show these off if you don’t have anything to show for it. With that, you need photos.

Each time you have a project, we strongly recommend that you take a picture of it during the before and after looks of your projects.

Look at it this way. Your prospects dream of someday getting their own houses. There is no better way to get them to take action on a construction order than by showing them what house constructions look like before you work on them and what they actually look like when the house is already completed.

It will make them remember what their dream houses look like. All of a sudden, even if they weren’t planning to have their house built just yet, some of them might reconsider.

Another key thing to note about social media is the algorithm. If no one sees your posts, it is most likely that the owner of the social media platform, won’t show your posts to more people. But if the algorithm shows that people are engaging with your content, the social media platform will consider your content relevant and something that will interest people. Hence, it will be shown to more people on the platform.

The point here that we want you to remember is that posts with more likes and shares will have more reach and brand awareness.

And when it comes to racking up likes and shares, there is nothing more effective than before and after photos.

2. Run Facebook Contests

facebook contest

You don’t want to be the kind of construction company whose only activity on social media is sharing its construction project. That’s rather boring. You have to be a bit more interesting if you want to reel in prospects that you can potentially turn into customers.

To do that, you have to look into what interested people. Here’s an idea. People want to be rewarded. Whatever it is, if there is something people can gain in it, they would most likely participate.

Now, why don’t you take advantage of that fact?

Let’s say that you need to promote something through social media marketing for construction companies. Maybe you have an incoming promo for your construction services.

Sharing it on your Facebook account may do some good. But what would make it more effective is that if people were to do it for you.

That in itself gives you an idea for a contest.

You could create a poster for your promo and then post a Facebook contest on your page where it says that whoever garners the most likes and shares will be declared the winner. And the winner will get an 80% construction discount as a reward. Maybe you have some mugs or shorts to give to the winner instead. The decision is up to you. But this is just the basic idea of how Facebook contests can benefit your social media marketing.

3. Create Some Self-Produced Content And Then Post Them On Social Media

Self Produced Content

An example of self-produced are blogs that you’ve written on your website. If you are asking “How can I promote my business through social media”, the simple answer to this would be through blogging and social media sharing.

The good thing about blogging is that you can educate potential customers on the importance of construction services. You can give them news and insights that they won’t find anywhere else. You can give them insider secrets that can convince them to choose your service over others.

Blogging helps your brand become more visible through SEO but that’s for another article. When you create blogs, you can increase your chances of becoming more visible and widespread by sharing them on your social media page where your followers and existing customers can see them.

Why? When you create a blog post, you want people to engage with it, like, and share it across their social media accounts.

It’s a free way to increase brand awareness through social media. Besides, if other people are sharing your content online, it means that you are somehow an authority figure in your field. In the long run, this can benefit you in terms of customer acquisition.

4. Start Conversations


At this point, you may be wondering, how do construction companies use social media?


These days, construction companies use social media in similar ways: they post their stuff and try to get likes. The strategy is a combination of soft selling and hard selling.


There is nothing wrong with this but since it has been imminent already in the industry, it might give you a bit of a boost if you were doing something a bit different.

What we would recommend is to do a combination of selling and giving.

Take some time to join relevant Facebook groups and then starting a conversation. You could get involved in some questions other members ask. Do this consistently.

Maybe get involved and start conversions a few times in a week. And make it a habit. By doing so, you will become more visible in your niche as someone knowledgeable and someone people can rely on.

With that, you will be able to set a positive image for your brand. You are not just selling your construction services. You are also giving value. This makes you a credible brand and hence, when you promote your services on social media, the conversion rate is increased.

5. Having a Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Social media marketing for construction companies will only be effective if you have an active plan in place. If you only randomly post stuff on your social media page, this will rarely be effective.

How do I create a marketing plan for a construction company?

It all starts with a goal. There should be one goal. If you have more than one goal, make sure that there is a separate marketing plan for each goal. But if you are just starting, we recommend that you focus on one goal at a time.


In the beginning, your goal could be to get 1,000 likes on your Facebook page. Some of the marketing plan initiatives that you can work on are:


  • Posting consistently
  • Creating Facebook contests
  • Giving something free (eBook, podcast, or construction discount)
  • Running Facebook ads

6. Post Testimonials On Facebook

facebook testimonials

Social proof is important in marketing, most especially social media marketing. The internet has made it possible for potential customers to research to see if a brand or service of high quality.


If someone is going to transact with a construction company, he would want to select a company that has a good reputation. Hence, this is where social proof comes in.


Posting your testimonials on Facebook will convince people of your service. And they will most likely want to avail of your service. But if you don’t have any testimonials on your Facebook page and prospects also don’t find a lot of good customer reviews on your brand elsewhere on the internet, these people may opt for a different construction company.


Our recommendation for this is just to ask permission from your customers before posting their testimonials on your Facebook page.

7. Talk About The Company History

Company History

Not everything about social media marketing has to be strictly business. People love to transact with companies they feel they know on a personal level. Good services are one thing but if customers feel they can connect with your brand, they will choose you every time over a competitor.


Here are some suggestions for social media content:

  • Short clip on company history
  • Talk about your top employees and introduce them
  • Show bloopers of what is going on inside the field or at the office
  • Group photos of the team having lunch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is where you’ll find common questions answered related to social media marketing for construction companies. Whatever we haven’t tackled in-depth in the body of this blog post, you’ll find clarity here.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the act of promoting one’s brand and business activities through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.


It is not only hard promotions. Social media marketing also means capturing leads and spreading brand awareness through social media by making use of content that caters to the interest of the potential market.

How Do I Promote My Construction Business On Facebook?

To start promoting your construction business on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook page.


Afterward, the next steps are as follows:

  • Set your logo as your profile image
  • Set a creative cover photo that reflects your brand
  • Have at least 5 Facebook posts
  • Invite your friends and family to like your page
  • Share your page on your personal Facebook
  • Use your current email list to invite them to like your Facebook page
  • Have a social media marketing plan
  • Post consistently using your marketing plan

Those are the initial steps into social media marketing for construction companies. When you have established this, you may have to do cross-marketing to make your campaigns more effective.

Is Social Media Marketing Actually Useful for Construction Companies?

Yes. Any business can make use of social media marketing as a way to improve its marketing process and gain more leads. The key is learning new trends and finding out how to apply them to one’s business funnel.


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